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COA NFT details...

When an artist has a physical art piece, they can create a digital COA NFT for that art piece using your website, certyNFT. The COA NFT will contain all the relevant information about the art piece, such as the artist's name, title of the artwork, date of creation, medium, and any other relevant details.

To create the COA NFT, the artist will need to take a photograph of their physical art piece and upload it to the certyNFT platform. The platform will then use blockchain technology to create a unique digital record of the art piece and its COA. This record will be stored on the blockchain, which is a secure and immutable ledger that can't be altered.

Once the COA NFT is created, the artist can share it with potential buyers to prove the authenticity of the physical art piece. Buyers can verify the authenticity of the COA NFT by checking the blockchain record, which ensures that the art piece is genuine and hasn't been tampered with.

Overall, the COA NFT service for physical art pieces provides a secure and verifiable way for artists to prove the authenticity of their art pieces and for buyers to confirm the provenance of their purchased art pieces.

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